GOA is the place in which one can spend their long holidays. It is a very nice place that you have ever seen in your life before. Goa is also considered as the paradise of sea. Goa is a hub of fun filled activities which occur through out the year.

Goa - Baga Beach



GOA Beach

Goa - Baga Beach is an extension of Calangute in the state of Goa, India. It is under the jurisdiction of Calangute, Baga is known for its popular beach, brown sands, and the creek. It is visited by thousands and thousands of tourists yearly. This is the most popular beach in the whole GOA. One must visit this Goa Beach, as to see the natural beauty of the Arabian sea.
It is the most popular beach and tourist destination in all North Goa and it is located in a few kilometers north from the famous and crowded - Calangute beach. The Baga beach contains rows of shacks and fishing boats. This beach is also famous for its in water sports and Dolphin cruises. Baga Beach attraction is in it's world famous beaches. It also has interesting sights to visit close, by include Portuguese forts at Aguada and Chapora. One can enjoy a relaxing day on the Baga beach and can get busy at weekends and holidays. Baga Beach is a great place for visiting Goan - many attractions.

Goa Beach

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