GOA is the place in which one can spend their long holidays. It is a very nice place that you have ever seen in your life before. Goa is also considered as the paradise of sea. Goa is a hub of fun filled activities which occur through out the year.

Majorda Beach [Goa Beach]

Majorda beach


Among all those beaches, The majorda beach is the largest one (20km). There are also many massage centers, Swimming pools, Gyms, Night clubs, Internet cafes etc by the beach side.

Goa is also very well-known by its beautiful Temples and Churches. It is the place of different cultures and traditional beliefs. It is a place of worship, That attracts many tourists from all over the world.
The culture of Goa is a mixture of Indian and Portuguese’s. The people of Goa are known for their fun loving attitude and they greet their guests with open arms.

The Majorda beach is the largest beach in the north Goa. It is one of the famous beach in the whole north Goa. It covers the area of 25 km connecting it to the Cabo de rama beach. It is a major tourist attraction of Goa.
There are many types hotels or resorts found in the Majorda beach.

    Taj holiday resort
    Park hyatt goa
    Majorda beach resort
    Royal orchid galaxy resort
    Fort Aguada Beach Resort
    Falcon beach resort

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Among all of these resorts, Royal orchid galaxy and majorda beach resorts are one of the best resorts in the whole majorda beach.

Royal orchid galaxy and majorda beach resorts are five star luxury hotels situated on the virgin white sand beach front of majorda. It blends with rich architecture of its Portuguese’s Goan heritage and offers extensive indoor/outdoor facilities. Moreover there are variety of cuisines and well stocked bars serves as the best appetite to tangle the taste buds of any individual.

One can relax at this Perl paradise on golden sand and enjoy sea breeze. These resorts offers a spectrum of experiences to rejuvenate the body and soul.

Facilities in these resorts:

    Large Swimming Pool
    Air conditioned rooms
    Private Beach
    Room cleaning services
    Body spa and massage
    One day sight scene

Safety Precautions:

    Hotel lockers to be use to keep valuables
    Strictly follow traffic rules while going to the beach
    Avoid lonely areas
    Follow instruction displayed on the beach before venturing into sea

Baga Beach [Goa Beach]

Baga Beach

Goa - Baga Beach is an extension of Calangute in the state of Goa, India. It is under the jurisdiction of Calangute, Baga is known for its popular beach, brown sands, and the creek. It is visited by thousands and thousands of tourists yearly. This is the most popular beach in the whole GOA. One must visit this Goa Beach, as to see the natural beauty of the Arabian sea. It will take 1-1/2 hour to reach at this beach from the airport.

It is the most popular beach and tourist destination in all North Goa and it is located in a few kilometers north from the famous and crowded - Calangute beach. The Baga beach contains rows of shacks and fishing boats. This beach is also famous for its in water sports and Dolphin cruises. Baga Beach attraction is in it's world famous beaches. It also has interesting sights to visit close, by include Portuguese forts at Aguada and Chapora.

One can enjoy a relaxing day on the Baga beach and can get busy at weekends and holidays. Baga Beach is a great place for visiting Goan - many attractions. If you are in Goa for adventure activities then like banana ride, para sailing, bumper ride and skiing, then you should visit Baga beach in Goa. Baga beach has all the adventure activities with reasonable prices. If you love adventure then don't forgot to visit Baga beach in Goa.

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Anjuna Beach [Goa Beach]

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach is the one of the hottest beach in north Goa, named Anjuna beach. This Goa beach is totally different from all other beaches. This is the second famous Goa Beach In India. This is one of the most happening beaches of Goa. It will take 1 hour from the airport to Anjuna beach.

Anjuna Beach is the world famous for its trance parties, held on the beach during the peak tourist season. Anjuna beach also hosts the famous flea market, where in you can purchase many kinds of things, ranging from fruits to jewelry - clothes and electronic devices.

It is one of the Hot Beaches of Goa and it is north of Baga Beach and Calangute Beach, and also close to the South of Vagator beach and Chapora. If you are in Goa for party, food, drinks, games and meeting new people, then you should definitely visit Anjuna beach.There are lots of adventure activities at Anjuna beach. One of the best markets in Anjuna is the Anjuna fle market. As there are full of shops in which you can get everything like cloths, artificial jewellery and much more.

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Calangute Beach [Goa Beach]

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is situated in north Goa. It will take you 1-1/2 hour to reach this beach from the Goa airport. Calangute Beach is the most famous beaches in all the GOA. It is the most colorful Goa beach in India, as shown in this Video. It is a town located on the northern coast of Goa. Calangute Beach is among the most popular tourist destinations in whole Goa. Calangute beach is located 13 km from Panaji and 8 km from Mapusa area.

Calangute Beach is the famous for its beach and it is the largest beach in north Goa. During the  season of monsoon - from June to September - the sea can be rough and swimming is prohibited. The Calangute Beach offers water sport activities like - para sailing and water skiing, among others. It is mostly visited by thousands of domestic and international tourists every year. The peak season of tourist's is during Valentines Day, Christmas and New Year. Calangute Beach is the mix of parting and adventure activities. If you love parting and adventure activities then you should visit Calangute Beach. Calangute Beach is 1 Km away from Baga beach. It si best to visit both of these beaches in Goa.

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Goa - Candolim Beach


Goa Beach

Candolim is a village in North Goa, India. It is situated just south of the famous Calangute beach, and is a popular tourist destination. It is a nice area to stay for people interested in shopping and dining close to beach front accommodation. It has been largely overrun by tourist shops, restaurants and hotels in whole North Goa.

Goa – Place of Worship

Being a state of diverse religious communities. Goa is home to many places to worship that attract tourists from all over the world. It is a place that has a unique amalgamation of different traditional beliefs. It is also well known by its beautiful churches and elaborate temples.
Peoples remain awestruck when they look at these ancient monuments still unfazed by time. One can feel history in the air when visiting these religious places. These religious places have the soul of Goa within them.
         They give Goa the traditional look despite heavy commercialization and tourism. One should visit these places in order to feel the special bond with Goa, Without which your trip remains incomplete.
The famous forts in Goa include the aguada fort, the largest fort in Goa. It was built in1609 – 12 to fortify Old Goa. The chapora fort near mapusa, built in 1617 by the Portuguese on a Muslim site and terekhol fort on the terekhol river built by maharajah khem sawant bhonsle in the 17Th century.
The popular Museums and art galleries in Goa are the state Archaeology Museums in Panaji (Panjim) opened on Sept 1977 with seven galleries namely:

    Sculpture gallery
    The religious expression gallery
    Banerji Art gallery
    Contemporary Art gallery
    Western bronzes gallery
    Christan Art gallery, and
    Cultural Anthropology gallery.

A vast collection of more than 8000 objects.
Mangeshi temple

Goa - Folk Dance And Music

Corridinho – O MALHAO – O MALHAO.


Goa Dance And Music

A Corridinho – O MALHAO – O MALHAO is a form of famous Portuguese dance, specifically in the Algarve. It is danced with the sets of two pairs always embraced, shaping a circle, The girls inside and the boys are outside the circle, rotating the circle the pairs. When the music reaches to a stronger beat, their feet hit the ground more intensely, blocking the rotation, to resume later. Then, further away in the dance, the pairs embraced to walk-in by spinning in the same place. To the Next to the circle starts rotating again always for the right side. This is a famous traditional dance in Portugal, that the Portuguese people like doing it repeatedly. Besides, you have also seen people enjoying this dance in the colonial states like in India (Goa, Daman and Diu)and some small part of Ceylon (SriLanka) & Macau (China).

Goan Konkani Songs And Dance


Goa Dance And Music

Goan Konkani Songs And Dance In The Cruise. Goa folk dance. Goan Konkani [ कोंकणी ] is an - In-do-Aryan language belonging to the In-do-European family of languages and is spoken on the western coast of India. Many Konkani songs of the Goan fisher-folk appear recurrently in a number of Hindi movies. Many Hindi movie characters mock Goan Catholic accent. For Example a Hindi blooywood Goan Song named - Bobby - Naa Chahoon Sona Chandi Naa Mangoon by Manna Dey. goan konkani folk songs. goan konkani folk dance.

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