GOA is the place in which one can spend their long holidays. It is a very nice place that you have ever seen in your life before. Goa is also considered as the paradise of sea. Goa is a hub of fun filled activities which occur through out the year.

Goa – Place of Worship


Being a state of diverse religious communities. Goa is home to many places to worship that attract tourists from all over the world. It is a place that has a unique amalgamation of different traditional beliefs. It is also well known by its beautiful churches and elaborate temples.
Peoples remain awestruck when they look at these ancient monuments still unfazed by time. One can feel history in the air when visiting these religious places. These religious places have the soul of Goa within them.
         They give Goa the traditional look despite heavy commercialization and tourism. One should visit these places in order to feel the special bond with Goa, Without which your trip remains incomplete.
The famous forts in Goa include the aguada fort, the largest fort in Goa. It was built in1609 – 12 to fortify Old Goa. The chapora fort near mapusa, built in 1617 by the Portuguese on a Muslim site and terekhol fort on the terekhol river built by maharajah khem sawant bhonsle in the 17Th century.
The popular Museums and art galleries in Goa are the state Archaeology Museums in Panaji (Panjim) opened on Sept 1977 with seven galleries namely:

    Sculpture gallery
    The religious expression gallery
    Banerji Art gallery
    Contemporary Art gallery
    Western bronzes gallery
    Christan Art gallery, and
    Cultural Anthropology gallery.

A vast collection of more than 8000 objects.
Mangeshi temple


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