GOA is the place in which one can spend their long holidays. It is a very nice place that you have ever seen in your life before. Goa is also considered as the paradise of sea. Goa is a hub of fun filled activities which occur through out the year.

Goa - Folk Dance And Music


Corridinho – O MALHAO – O MALHAO.


Goa Dance And Music

A Corridinho – O MALHAO – O MALHAO is a form of famous Portuguese dance, specifically in the Algarve. It is danced with the sets of two pairs always embraced, shaping a circle, The girls inside and the boys are outside the circle, rotating the circle the pairs. When the music reaches to a stronger beat, their feet hit the ground more intensely, blocking the rotation, to resume later. Then, further away in the dance, the pairs embraced to walk-in by spinning in the same place. To the Next to the circle starts rotating again always for the right side. This is a famous traditional dance in Portugal, that the Portuguese people like doing it repeatedly. Besides, you have also seen people enjoying this dance in the colonial states like in India (Goa, Daman and Diu)and some small part of Ceylon (SriLanka) & Macau (China).

Goan Konkani Songs And Dance


Goa Dance And Music

Goan Konkani Songs And Dance In The Cruise. Goa folk dance. Goan Konkani [ कोंकणी ] is an - In-do-Aryan language belonging to the In-do-European family of languages and is spoken on the western coast of India. Many Konkani songs of the Goan fisher-folk appear recurrently in a number of Hindi movies. Many Hindi movie characters mock Goan Catholic accent. For Example a Hindi blooywood Goan Song named - Bobby - Naa Chahoon Sona Chandi Naa Mangoon by Manna Dey. goan konkani folk songs. goan konkani folk dance.


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