GOA is the place in which one can spend their long holidays. It is a very nice place that you have ever seen in your life before. Goa is also considered as the paradise of sea. Goa is a hub of fun filled activities which occur through out the year.

Calangute Beach [Goa Beach]

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is situated in north Goa. It will take you 1-1/2 hour to reach this beach from the Goa airport. Calangute Beach is the most famous beaches in all the GOA. It is the most colorful Goa beach in India, as shown in this Video. It is a town located on the northern coast of Goa. Calangute Beach is among the most popular tourist destinations in whole Goa. Calangute beach is located 13 km from Panaji and 8 km from Mapusa area.

Calangute Beach is the famous for its beach and it is the largest beach in north Goa. During the  season of monsoon - from June to September - the sea can be rough and swimming is prohibited. The Calangute Beach offers water sport activities like - para sailing and water skiing, among others. It is mostly visited by thousands of domestic and international tourists every year. The peak season of tourist's is during Valentines Day, Christmas and New Year. Calangute Beach is the mix of parting and adventure activities. If you love parting and adventure activities then you should visit Calangute Beach. Calangute Beach is 1 Km away from Baga beach. It si best to visit both of these beaches in Goa.

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